Paper 3 Enc 1102 - 1 Ian Lee ENC1102 Mrs Colston 3 March...

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1 Ian Lee ENC1102 Mrs. Colston 3 March 2010 Hidden Agenda Personal politics is the process in which we decide what values have importance to ourselves and ultimately make our decisions based on the platform we form. Personal politics involves many aspects of our lives and defines who we are as individuals. The clothes we wear, how we wear our hair, the people we hang out with, the jobs we have are all directly related to personal politics. Marketing and advertising appeal directly to an individual's personal politics through various advertising techniques. Commercials used by the military attempt to make people feel that joining the military will make them stronger and a much more advanced person. The Marines motto, "The Few. The Proud" serves to make people feel as though through joining the Marines you will become part of an elite select group of people. In one Marines commercial, a man is on top of a diving platform hesitating to jump off because he lacks courage. When he jumps off he surfaces a United States Marine. The commercial claims that becoming a Marine has enables him to overcome fears and became a stronger and braver individual. In another commercial, a city man, farmer, and a suburban young adult join together at Marine Boot camp and become one of the "few". They use three people coming from totally different jobs and lifestyles to target all of Americans and show everyone coming together to achieve a common purpose. Similar to the Marines commercials the US Army also aims
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2 commercials at civilians looking to gain confidence and become a more disciplined individual. The Army, however, focuses its attention on making the viewer feel that through joining the
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Paper 3 Enc 1102 - 1 Ian Lee ENC1102 Mrs Colston 3 March...

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