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One of your primary concerns with this research paper will be audience. You'll want to make it clear who your  audience is through the style, topic, and format. For this week, give us a link to website for a product or service that is very consciously targeting a certain group of  people. Discuss what the company is, who their audience is, and then analyze the homepage of their site. You'd want to consider the audience: age, race, gender(s), class, and other possibly relevant facts, like religion or  special needs. Consider layout, colors, pictures and talk about how it's targeting that audience. Analyze and come  to conclusions about how successful you think the page is. Suggestions: Abercrombie, eHarmony, Old Navy, Mountain Dew The website that I decided to write about is the site www.budlight.com . This site refers to a product that is only legal in the United States to people over the age of twenty-one
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