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enc1102 journal 9 - supporting reckless behavior as long as...

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Got Milk Advertisement: With advertisements, it can be useful to use spokespeople to sell products because people tend to believe more in things if they have proof that it works, even if there really isn’t much proof to begin with. For instance, Dave Mirra, the BMX champ, is shown standing confident and strong with his bike which helped him to win his BMX championships. He doesn’t have a shirt on so you can see his muscles and even on his stomach you can see some of his battle scars. In his left hand you can also see a glass of milk which is less than half full giving the idea that he drank it because that’s what champions drink. He also has the iconic milk mustache showing that indeed milk is helping him to achieve his goals. This strategy seems to be effective because for everyone who looks up to athletes and sees that they drink milk, then they too will believe that they can do the impossible if they drink milk. This ads message implied by the caption seems that it could be
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Unformatted text preview: supporting reckless behavior as long as it is for a reason. I think that it isn’t necessarily meant, however, to encourage the reckless behavior but it shows that if you drink milk and something like getting hit by a car happens, you can survive it. The website www.bodybymilk.com seems to aim toward the younger audience, to try and get younger people to be stronger through the idea of drinking milk. I think that the dairy industry aims toward this audience because in the long run, if younger people drink milk then they will be healthier and then they will rely on drinking milk for the rest of their life so that they will keep buying milk. This could help out both sides of the industry where the consumers will gain benefits by being healthy and then the suppliers gain the benefits of the revenue spent by the consumers. I think that it seems to be a win-win situation for both groups....
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