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ENC1102 Journal 3 For this week, you read Alice Walker's "Everyday Use," in which a mother must deal with a daughter who has  rejected American folk culture in favor of reaching back to the culture of Africa. I want you to write about the role that nationality or ethnicity plays in your identity. Does your family have traditions  that trace back to other countries or other cultures? Perhaps your family is originally from the Northeast, the  Midwest, Russia, the Caribbean, or the Czech Republic.  Discuss how your identity was forged by a place other than where your family lives now. Word count: 300 Report I come from a family with a great deal of diversity throughout it. I’ve grown up in South Florida my entire life and I think that that has definitely forged me into the type of person that I am today. However, many traits that I possess have also come from family members throughout generations and many miles in between one another. My dad
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