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For this week I want you to draft an intro that humanizes your paper, that shows  its relevance. I noticed many of you just jump in and start data-dumping, but it's  important to show your reader the relevance of your issue/topic, to humanize it,  and to make it appealing. So build a narrative of at least 300 words around one of  your interviewees to show us, your audience, how your topic is affecting  someone. Check out these examples of introductions from Time magazine for a  reference: * * * Anthony always was the kid who loved to go out on the weekends and have a good time, partying and drinking with his friends at bars and clubs, after his hectic work weeks. He would go out on Friday and Saturday nights and get hammered to try and get away from the stress that had built up inside of him throughout the week by downing drink after drink until he forgot about his troubles and began to enjoy his life once again. One of the
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