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In the past my English classes have been pretty standard in my point of view. Throughout the years with most of my teachers, I would be assigned a book to read and at the end of each book I would have to write a paper summarizing it in some cases or in other cases I would have to do a full fledged research paper about it. The summaries would be about two pages in length for the most part in the standard five paragraph way of writing. The research papers would usually be about five to six pages in length and I almost never had any idea how to start or format my paper because I had never really written long papers like it. I never really liked English classes for the most part because I was never really good in grammar or organizing my thoughts. I would spend hours in front of the computer with the cursor blinking with a blank screen and a blank mind having no idea where to start.
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Unformatted text preview: After a while though I began to just kind of go with the flow and figure out how to just simply start my papers off. Then finally during my senor year English class I had a teacher who taught me how to begin and finish an essay well with valid points in between. In an English class I usually expect to do some readings and then have to write papers about those readings as homework. It’s just how it’s pretty much always been for me. I like an English class that keeps me interested by posing topics to write about that I actually know about and like to talk about. To make it worthwhile I would like to do projects that deal with the things that I experience in my life so that I can put my writing together into a well prepared essay....
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