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enc1102 journal 4 - answers to find out what things are...

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My topic for my research paper is going to be about the campus lifestyle here in the city of Tallahassee at Florida State University. Within my paper I am going to discuss what is fun to do around Tallahassee, whether it is during the day or at night. I will discuss places to go like bars, clubs, parties, and on which specific nights to go to certain places. I will also discuss Greek life at Florida State, places to live in and around Florida State, and I will discuss different clubs to join around campus and which ones are more popular than others. Questions that I hope to answer will consist of where is better to live, on campus or off campus? Should I live in a house or in an apartment? Where should I go on a Thursday night? Where should I go to eat around Tallahassee? Do I need a car to get around in Tallahassee? I intend to prove these questions by providing basic surveys to people and analyzing their
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Unformatted text preview: answers to find out what things are more popular around campus. I will do these surveys to people in my dorm and also other people around campus so that I get more of an unbiased response. I will use these questionnaires to get the true answers from people and I will use questions so that I do not make it obvious what answer I am looking for because I want to know how they feel so I can make the paper truer. Other research that I will incorporate into my paper is some basic information that I find online and in the library about Florida State and the people that go here. I will search online to find which clubs are big at Florida State and how many people are involved in some of the bigger ones. I will also search online to find a percentage of students how are involved in the Greek community at Florida State. Word Count: 331...
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