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Read Henry Jenkins's "From YouTube to YouNiversity" (pp 307 to 311). Answer ONE of the following two questions from page 311, making sure to quote  from the essay in your response: (1) Jenkins suggests that media decisions are now being made not only in  boardrooms, but also in "teenagers' bedrooms." Do you agree that consumers  have such power when it comes to media decisions? Why or why not? (2) Would you appreciate the kind of educational program advocated by Jenkins?  If you could customize your own education, what people would you recruit from  your school to help you? What kinds of projects would you select? I would agree with the suggestion that Henry Jenkins said about how media decisions are made not only in boardrooms, but also in “teenagers’ bedrooms.” This seems that it is increasingly being true because as teenagers are more and more being involved with different internet websites and corporate America is realizing that. Nowadays, as
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