Statistics for Business and Economics

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Anderson Sweeney Williams Air Force Training Problem 1. Descriptive Statistics Current Proposed Mean 75.06557377 Mean 75.42622951 Standard Error 0.505093646 Standard Error 0.320909752 Median 76 Median 76 Mode 76 Mode 76 Standard Deviation 3.944907487 Standard Deviation 2.506385288 Sample Variance 15.56229508 Sample Variance 6.281967213 Kurtosis - 0.069325276 Kurtosis 0.586940414 Skewness - 0.220533558 Skewness - 0.287486243 Range 19 Range 13 Minimum 65 Minimum 69 Maximum 84 Maximum 82 Sum 4579 Sum 4601 Count 61 Count 61 Confidence Level(95.0%) 1.010337712 Confidence Level(95.0%) 0.641915073 The sample data from the two training methods shows there is almost no difference in means. However there is a big difference in sample variances. The current training method has a wide variance which means that the individual test times span a wider range and are farther apart from the mean. -page 2-
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Assignment4 - Textbook Case Problem: Statistics for...

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