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CIBC-18 - should improve their sale in Jamaica and Bahamas...

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CIBC-Barclays – Case 18 Recommendation and Rationale: They should focus on increasing their market share in Jamaica because it has a good economy and it has the largest population in Caribbean presence. They should expand their financial service such as introduce vehicle loan service, because they have a strong brand and public image and that can encourage the customer to apply for this service. This will be a good access to improve the income and increase their market share. Because CIBC is the market leader in credit card sale in Barbados, it
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Unformatted text preview: should improve their sale in Jamaica and Bahamas because they have enough experience. • Expanding their customer service such as offering telephone banking or easy access in the internet can boost their competitive advantage. • Build strong government and customer relationship. • Focus in retail, small business and merchant service in Jamaica. Because their successful strategy in all the West Indies build in this. • Scan and monitor the external environment. This will help them to be ready for unexpected changes....
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