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SAM_CASE32 - external change • Increase focus in medium...

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Recommendations and rationales: Implement team organization structure by removing the hierarchy levels that helps to improve the interaction among employees and join decisions making. By this structure individual will control themselves and reduce the time and energy that manager spend on them. Also, it develops more creative solution for problem better than managers, because employees are close to a job. Improve the communication, coordination and flexibility in the company. By providing informal structure, individual can easily can share information and entrant effectively. Redesign the organization structure to have decentralized decision structure. This will provide a quick response and act fast when it has to be a quick response to
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Unformatted text preview: external change. • Increase focus in medium custom segment. This can enhance victoria a competitive advantage and make them different than other competitors. • . Ensure understanding of the strategy, vision, mission and objective. This can empower all individuals in the entire organization. • Build a strong effective organization culture that identify organization objective and motivate employees by rewarding a good performance. • Assign strategic leader who is able to influence employees’ performance by using reward and punishment tools. . • Understand the emotion and behavior of employees. Because reducing bonus and profit can reduce the moral of employees and led them to perform poorly....
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SAM_CASE32 - external change • Increase focus in medium...

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