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ECO220Y: Homework, Lecture 20 & 21 Readings: Section 9.1 (pages 301 – 303), Sections 10.1 Exercises: 10.1, 10.3, 10.4, 10.6, 10.8 Applets (CD-ROM): Applets 9 – 12 Problems: (1) In this problem, you are asked to use 3 Loonies (one dollar coins) to simulate a sampling distribution of sample range. Random variable X is the number of heads from a simultaneous toss of three coins. (a) Obtain the probability distribution of random variable X. (b) Obtain the sampling distribution of sample range when n=3 using analytical approach. (c) Consider simulating sample range from sample with n=3. Set the number of simulation to 30. Construct a histogram of sample range from your simulation result. How does it compare with (b)? (2) For a general population, consider the following estimators for the population median: (a) sample median, (b) sample mean, (c) sample 45 th percentile, (d) sample 55 th percentile. For each, state whether the estimator is unbiased. If it is biased, indicate the direction of bias
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