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Mic 433, Microbial Genomics Lab exercise #2 Due date: January 25 or 27 Name: Mary Ellen Hoinski The goal of this laboratory exercise is to explore some of the major gene and genome databases and to become familiar with retrieving information available at these sites. 1. A teenaged male collapsed during a mountain-climbing exercise and was admitted to a nearby hospital emergency room. The attending physician suspected a particular disorder and ordered a molecular diagnostic test. The following sequence was amplified by PCR and analyzed. agctcctgcttagagcatgtaggagacctggtcagcagcatctccatctttctgcagctt gaccctcaacaccaaccatgggcatatcctggtggattactccaagaacctggtgacgga ggacgtgatgcggatgctggtccacttggtaat a) Based on a blastn search ( ) of GenBank (human genome (reference only), what gene does this sequence most likely come from? Homo sapiens glucose phosphate isomerase (GPI), mRNA Length=2075 b) How is the sequence you submitted different from the best-matching sequence in GenBank? Does this cause a change in the protein sequence (blastx, use refseq protein)? What is the change? 1)
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Lab_2_2011_worksheet - Mic 433, Microbial Genomics Lab...

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