Lab_4-2010 - Lab#4 MMG433 Due Feb 9 or 11 Name...

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Lab #4 MMG433 Name: Due Feb. 9 or 11 Investigating gene function using online database tools The goal of this lab is to use the various web based bioinformatics tools to probe the possible functions of proteins. In this lab we will use BLAST, CDD, pfam, COGS and others to annotate the function of a protein. You have just joined a laboratory and your advisor asks you to come up with some possible functions of a protein that was just identified to co-purify with ribosomes in Lactobacillus johnsonii . All they currently have is a partial sequence of the protein. You tell her that there are various tools that you can use to find out the identity and possible functions of the protein. The partial sequence: mklknnevgv yaigglgeig rnmycveyqd eiiimdcgik fpeddmmgin yvisdysylv 1. How will you go about determining the identity of the protein? 2. What is the gene name of the protein? Can you infer any function from the annotation in the database? 3.
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Lab_4-2010 - Lab#4 MMG433 Due Feb 9 or 11 Name...

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