c01_intro_handout - 1 Phys 597A CMPS 497E Graphs and...

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Unformatted text preview: 1 Phys 597A, CMPS 497E Graphs and Networks in Systems Biology Lecturer: Réka Albert ralbert@phys.psu.edu 122 Davey Laboratory Networks, networks everywhere • Network infrastructure, social networking • Network - a tool for understanding complex systems • Many non-identical elements connected by diverse interactions • E.g. interaction networks within cells: protein interactions, chemical reactions, gene regulation • Graph measures provide information on interaction graphs • Network models explain and predict properties of graph classes • Network topology influences network robustness and the dynamics of flows • E.g. dynamics of molecular interaction networks determines the behavior of cells. • Understand emergent properties – synchronization, phase transitions, homeostasis Suggested reading on networks 1. A.-L. Barabási, Linked: The new science of networks. 2. D. J. Watts, Six degrees: The science of a connected age. 3. M. Newman, A.-L. Barabási, D. J. Watts (eds.), The Structure and Dynamics of Networks. 4. G. Caldarelli, Scale-Free Networks: Complex webs in nature and technology. 5. F. Chung, L. Lu, Complex graphs and Networks. 6. R. Pastor-Satorras, A. Vespignani, Evolution and Structure of the Internet: A Statistical Physics Approach. 7. Center for Complex Network Research webpage http://www.barabasilab.com/ 8. 24 July 2009 Science special section on Complex Systems and Networks....
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c01_intro_handout - 1 Phys 597A CMPS 497E Graphs and...

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