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PHYS 597A: Graphs and networks in systems biology Homework assignment 3, due Thursday Sept. 17 Construct a graph with 10 nodes and 15 undirected edges. Determine (a) the distance distribution (remember that not having a path corre- sponds to an infnite distance); (b) the graph eFciency; (c) the distribution o± node betweenness centralities. You can use binning i± you like it better but it is not necessary.
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Unformatted text preview: (d) the cumulative distribution o node betweenness centralities P(betweenness > b ) as a unction o b . You can use the actual betweenness values you ound previously as b , or units o your choosing. (e) the number o cycles, cliques or other notable subgraphs. Extra credit: use edge weights or directed edges. 1...
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