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Electronic_dictionary_1_ - Intro-duction TaeHee prepares...

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Electronic dictionary Product Electronic dictionary Define person 1.Name: Kim, TaeHee 2.Gender: Girl 3. Age: 18 years 4. Profession: High school student in Seoul 5. Objective function: Entering the Penn. State university 6. Subjective function: No abroad experi- ence Context - Voice recording function (pronunciation check for interview) - Camera function (look & attitude check for interview) Wireless English information sharing with
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3/2/11 Electronic dictionary Product
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Unformatted text preview: Intro-duction TaeHee prepares SAT & TOEFL to enter IE department of the Penn. State university in 2010. She has good grades at all sub-jects, but she needs English pronunciation check for interview, spelling check for es-say, and voice recording & camera for up-loading her practices, and validating from others on web at anywhere. This electronic dictionary support English information sharing between users at real time....
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Electronic_dictionary_1_ - Intro-duction TaeHee prepares...

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