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IE 479 – Human Centered Product Design < Joint Lecture via Satellite> DEPARTMENT OF INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING, PENN STATE UNIVERSITY, USA DEPARTMENT OF INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING, SEOUL NATIONAL UNIVERSITY, SOUTH KOREA Hours : Tu/Th at 8:00 AM, Joint Class begins on Sep 2 nd (Thu) ends on Dec. 9 th (Th) z (Y) Dr. Myung Hwan Yun, Professor from Seoul National University, [email protected] z (F) Dr. Andris Freivalds, Professor, IE, 863-2361, [email protected] z (H) Dr. Yoosuk Hong, Professor, Seoul National University, [email protected] z (G) Invited lectures from Korean and US Industries ( 4-6 invited lectures) To promote mutual collaboration in industrial engineering discipline, especially in human factors/ergonomics and product design/development area. Also to promote international collaborative activity between the students of each university. Pre-requisite or requirements: Human Factors Engineering (IE 408 or any equivalent)
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Unformatted text preview: Topic Lecture Orientation, Class Operation, Project Team Formation F, Y No Class Introduction, Product Development Process Y Human Factors in Product Design Process Y User Research, User Characteristics, Survey Methods Y Observation and Observer Type software Y Affective Quality and Craftsmanship Y Product Strategy (SWOT, PEST, Life Cycle) H Technology Tree and AHP(Analytic Hierarchy Process) Y Design, Development, Testing, Verification H Case Study Presentation I Y Case Study Presentation II Y Needs Identification Methods I Y Needs Identification Methods II Y Need Identification Methods III, QFD Y <Mid Term Exam, In class> Y Guest Lectures (S. Korea) G Case Study Presentation Y, F, H Standards (ISO) Y Culture and User Y Affective(Kansei) Engineering and Processes Y Affective(Kansei) Engineering Principles Y Engineering and Ethics I F Engineering and Ethics II F Project Presentations Y...
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PSU2010a_syllabus - Topic Lecture Orientation Class...

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