ece6250-syllabus-f09-v2 - ECE 6250: Advanced Topics in DSP...

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Unformatted text preview: ECE 6250: Advanced Topics in DSP Syllabus for Fall 2009 Instructor: Justin Romberg Updated: August 24, 2009 Summary ECE 6250 is a general purpose, advanced DSP course designed to follow an introductory DSP course. Prerequisites A senior-level introductory course in digital signal processing such as ECE 4270. Students should be familiar with the fundamentals of linear algebra and have had exposure to basic probability and statistics. Students should also have basic MATLAB programming skills. Grading 30% Homework, 11 ( ± 1) assignments 15% Quiz #1 15% Quiz #2 15% Quiz #3 20% Final exam 5% Attendance, see below Homework Homework will be due in class. Late homework will get zero credit. Students are encouraged to discuss homework problems with one another, however each student must write up and turn in their own solutions. 1 Unauthorized use of any previous semester course materials, such as tests, quizzes, homework, projects, and any other coursework, is prohibited in this course. Using these materials will be consid- ered a direct violation of academic policy and will be dealt with according to the GT Academic Honor Code. The homework assignments will be hard; many of them will require signifi- cant amounts of time and effort to complete. But this is really where most of the learning takes place. You will get out of the assignments what you put into them. Students who complete all of the assignments in full will beput into them....
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ece6250-syllabus-f09-v2 - ECE 6250: Advanced Topics in DSP...

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