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Overview Course Notes Texts and Resources Homework A good reference for (but not necessarily the best place to learn) the material in this course: Moon and Stirling: Mathematical Methods and Algorithms for Signal Processing (amazon ) Below is a list of books that I have found helpful over the years for learning (and teaching) the material in this class: Strang: Introduction to Linear Algebra (amazon ) Strang: Introduction to Applied Mathematics (amazon ) Horn and Johnson: Matrix Analysis
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Unformatted text preview: (amazon ) Young: An Introduction to Hilbert Space (amazon ) Naylor and Sell: Linear Operator Theory in Science and Engineering (amazon ) Burrus et al: Introduction to Wavelets and Wavelet Transforms: A Primer (amazon ) Nguyen and Strang: Wavelets and Filter Banks (amazon ) Daubechies: Ten Lectures on Wavelets (amazon ) Resources for ECE 6250, Fall 2009 2/17/2011 Resources for ECE 6250, Fall 2009 ……/Texts_and_Resources.h… 1/1...
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