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Unformatted text preview: re men and women were caught in the double bind of the sexual revolution Mary Koss – 1978 extensive study identifying a “rape culture” on college campuses Commentaries on Rape Culture Christina Hoff Summers – 1994 Who Stole Feminism – “Rape is just one variety of crime against the person, and rape of women is just one subvariety.” Katie Roiphe – 1993 The Morning After ­women are not much emotionally affected by acquaintance rape, women should take more responsibility for their drunken behavior, for example, and not use rape as an excuse for a bad date gone too far Both Hoff Summers and Roiphe describe rape as part of a “victim feminism” culture Additional Research John Briere and Neil Malamuth – 1983 attitudes such as blaming the victim for her rape or viewing sexual violence as sexually arousing to women were indicators of “likelihood to rape” by men Diana Scully – convicted rapists perceived rape as a rewarding, low risk act Why do Men Act Violently Toward Why do Men Act Violently Toward Women Battering may have been seen as “normal” behavior (learned through childhood) Poor role models in learning how to deal with conflict or to be in relationships Lack of permission to feel or express various emotions Belief in traditional gender roles Learn to deny, minimize behavior or blame it on others (“The bitch made me do it.”) Why do Men Act Violently Toward Why do Men Act Violently Toward Women “We call it HTB – Hurt the Bitch” “…thrash on her till she hurts, till she’s sore…” “…someone should fuck her and leave her…” “…she really needs a dick in the ass…” Why do Men Act Violently Toward Why do Men Act Violently Toward Women Cultural attitudes favor violence against women Male­dominated society where power, control, aggression are valued Societal messages that are accepting of male violence and aggression What can we do to prevent violence?...
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