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WST 100 Introduction to Violence Against Women winter

Wst 100 introduction to violence against women

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Unformatted text preview: ANGRY SHOCKED DISTURBING SICK DISCOURAGED REPULSED SCARY HEARTBREAKING FELT LIKE CRYING SAD OFFENDED UNEASY UNSAFE DISGUSTING INFERIOR EMBARRASED BY MY GENDER OUTRAGED DESENSITIZED Violence Against Women Violence Against Women Objective Objective What is violence against women and why does it happen. Violence Against Women Violence Against Women Rape (including date and acquaintance) Domestic Violence Harassment Stalking Dating Violence (including teen dating violence) Child or Adult Sexual Assault Assault Murder Violence Against Women Violence Against Women Affects women of all backgrounds (class, race, age, sexuality) Has far­reaching physical and emotional consequences (Winkler described her rape as social murder) Is a major public health and criminal justice concern Health and Criminal Justice Concerns Physical damage to the body, psychological damage as well Laws/Defenses Federal – Violence Against Women Act, Gun Control Act State – Various statutes defining rape, abuse, stalking, etc. Battered women’s syndrome Battered Women’s Syndrome A legal defense most often invoked by women who assault or murder their abusers The defense makes reference to a psychological condition – “battered woman syndrome” Battered woman syndrome – because of constant and severe domestic violence involving physical abuse, severe depression and low self­ esteem contribute to why a woman does not escape the abuse or seek help from others or retaliates agains...
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