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Ngoc Ly Lab Partner: Drew Zoellner Experiment 1: Marble Rolls Introduction Lab Objective: The lab is set up where there is a pin-filled board with one end laying on a wooden block and the other end placed on the table. This is used for elevation. At the bottom of the board, there are different bin numbers written from -10 to 10. Four marbles are rolled down the board; this includes 2 large marbles and 2 steel marbles (smaller marbles). Then, my partner and I recorded the number of times the marbles pass through a certain bin number. The data is used in statistical physics equations to help predict the path of the marbles and see which bin number they will land in. Hypothesis: I hypothesize that the steel marbles will be able to travel to the further bins than the large marbles because the marbles are smaller, meaning they are more likely to bounce off the nails and travel to the outer bins. The mean of the number of times both marbles land in a certain bin is predicted to be zero because the marbles have a fifty fifty chance of rebounding to its original path. Conclusion
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