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Ngoc Ly Lab Partner: Drew Zoellner Experiment 2: Uniformly Accelerated Motion Introduction Lab Objective: The lab is set up where there sits an air track elevated by a small block. Two photogates are placed on top of the air track as sensors to let electronic timer knows when to start and stop. The glider is place at the elevated end of the air track; then, it is released. As, it slides through the first photogate, the timer starts, and once it exits the second photogate, the timer stops. The number on the timer is then recorded on a data sheet as T. Delta t is the time it takes for the glider to pass through the first photogate starting at initial velocity of zero. The data is used in statistical physics equations and linear regression to find the initial velocity and acceleration of the glider. Hypothesis: I hypothesize that the velocity of the glider would increase at a constant pace as it move down the air track because the air track is elevated at a certain degree. The glider starts a
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