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117-11HMWRK3 - 2 Consider two parallel infinitesimally thin...

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Prof. E. Yablonovitch ELECTROMAGNETIC FIELDS AND WAVES EE117 Homework #3; assigned: Feb. 17, 2011 Due 5PM, Thursday, Feb. 24, 2011 Please put the completed homework in the plastic tray on my door, 267M Cory 1. Do problem 5.26 on page 278 of Ulaby, 7 th ed. For the sake of definiteness, let the wire carry 1 Ampere of current. This is a hard problem regarding the Vector Potential. Please use the vector identities on the rear cover of the book.
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Unformatted text preview: 2. Consider two parallel infinitesimally thin wire ribbons, 1cm wide, and spaced by 0.1mm. What is the inductance per unit length of this parallel plate transmission line? 3. Do Problem 6.18 on page 311 of Ulaby, 7 th ed. Add a part (e) to the problem. What is the dielectric relaxation time of sea water? 4. Do Problem 6.25 on page 312 of Ulaby, 7 th ed. 5. Do Problem 6.28 on page 312 of Ulaby, 7 th ed....
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