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CHEM2090-LAB3-2010 - 201D(Last name Levine,S Sc 201D(Last...

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Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday 9:05 AM (Last name A - Kim,C) 201D 12:00 PM (Last name Kim,H- Z) 201E 1:25- (Last name A - F) 201B (Last name A - Ge) 201B (Last name A - Da) 201B (Last name A - Gad) 201B (Last name A - Ja) 201B 4:25 (Last name G - Li) 201C (Last name Gi - Pa) 201C (Last name De - Ku) 201C (Last name Gan - Levine,A) 201C (Last name Jia - Ri) 201C PM (Last name Lo - Sm) 201D (Last name Pi - Z) 201D (Last name L - Ra)
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Unformatted text preview: 201D (Last name Levine,S - Sc) 201D (Last name Ro - Z) 201E (Last name So - Z) 201E (Last name Re - Z) 201E (Last name Sh - Z) 201E Chem 2090 Fall 2010 Prof. Crane Lab Room Assignment All Chem 2090 labs are located on the second floor in room B - E. Using your last name (students' names located below), you may report to your assigned lab room....
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