CHEM2090-SYLLABUS-2010 - Chemistry 2090 GENERAL COURSE...

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Chemistry 2090 Fall 2010 GENERAL COURSE INFORMATION Instructors and Office Hours : Professor Brian Crane: Room G60 ST Olin (4-8634, [email protected]) Office Hours: Wed. 3:00-4:00 pm; Fri. 3:00-4:00 pm or by appointment Laboratory Director Dr. Thomas Ruttledge Room 138 Baker Lab (5-8864, [email protected]) Office Hours: Friday 10:00-11:00 am or by appointment Course Website Undergraduate Instructional Office: Ms. Pat Hine (5-5287, [email protected] ) and Ms. Cindy Bowman (5-5287, [email protected] ) in Baker 131 handle all questions concerning entrance to and exit from the course, lecture and laboratory. If you are adding, dropping, or petitioning out of this course, a course change form must be submitted to Ms. Hine or Ms. Bowman for signature. They are authorized to sign for the course instructor on "add" or "drop" forms. The Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology requires departmental approval for all course changes . The Instructional Office is open M-F 8:00-4:30. Lecture Schedule: Lectures are given in Baker 200 at 12:20-1:10pm on Mon. Wed. and Fri. Lecture begins Wed. Aug. 25 th .If you arrive late for lecture, do not enter through the doors on the second or third floor halls of Baker. Instead, go to the back of the lobby on the first floor of Baker where, near a bust of a famous former member of this department, you will find two staircases leading to the back of the main floor and balcony of Baker 200. Laboratory/Recitation Sections: These are held once a week from 1:25-4:25 p.m . You will be assigned to a TA and a laboratory room on the Blackboard Course Site. Bring calculator, laboratory assignment (available on Course Website) and lab notebook to the first session (see Textbooks and Required Materials at the bottom of this sheet). Teaching Assistants: Teaching assistants (TAs) have regularly scheduled office hours. Times and locations will be posted on the course Web page and on the bulletin board around the corner from Baker 131. Office hours will start during the first full week of classes. All regular office hours are open to any student in the course (not just that TA's students). The TA’s mailboxes are located in Baker 131. Excused Absences and Make-ups:
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CHEM2090-SYLLABUS-2010 - Chemistry 2090 GENERAL COURSE...

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