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HOW-TO-ESTIMATE-1 - Chapter 1 Numbers The goal of this...

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Chapter 1 Numbers The goal of this manual is to help you learn how to make di ffi cult scientific estimates of serious import. If successful, the student by the end ofthe course will be able to answer questions such as the questions listed belowin a manner which relies significantly less on otherpeopleandmoreonone’sownself. 1. Isitpossibleforhumanenergyneedstobemetbyrenewableenergysources? 2. Ifwedocontinuetousefossilfuels,howplausiblewoulditbeforustoscrubtheearth’s atmospherecleanofallexcessCO 2 ? 3. Howenergye ffi cientisafarm? 4. ThereiscurrentlyadebateinWashingtonastowhetherweshouldstayinAfghanistan foranotherfewyears. Basedonyourownpersonalvaluesystem,howe ffi cientauseof resourcesisthis? Wewillgettothegoalofansweringquestionssuchasthisonebybreakingtheprocess
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