L14.examination instruction

L14.examination instruction - Preparation for the exam...

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Preparation for the exam. Papers on social interaction. Select one of the papers according to your own choice. Dowload and read it. Bring it to the exam day. You will get some questions about the paper to answer in writing. You do not have to know everything in detail but you should be able to reflect on the content on the paper. 1.GenderdivideYoutube, 2008, 15 sidor Exploring the Gender Divide on YouTube: An Analysis of the Creation and Reception of Vlogs Abstract: This study analyzes short vlogs posted to YouTube in order to investigate how women and men communicate using vlogs and react as viewers to vlogs. Vlogs are visual texts that are user-generated. Analyzing online videos presents a new challenge for researchers: traditionally, analysis of visual media and communication focused on either the production or the reception of the material. Our vlog study uses a dual analytical approach to analyze both production and reception, while conducting content, visual and audience analysis, thus making a contribution to the field of new visual media and communication 2.Terrorisminblogs, 2007, 17 sidor Islam, Jihad, and Terrorism in Post-9/11 Arabic Discussion Boards Abstract: This study analyzed the contents of three of the most popular Arabic- language online message boards regarding the attacks of September 11, 2001 on the United States. Although terrorists claimed that the attacks were committed in the name of Islam, those who posted messages on all three forums rejected this claim. More than 43% of the messages condemned the attacks as a criminal act of terrorism that contradicts the core teachings of Islam. Some 30% saw some justification behind the attacks, even if they felt sorry for the victims and their families. However, those participants viewed the attacks as a
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L14.examination instruction - Preparation for the exam...

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