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RECOMMENDATION UFV 2001/317 2001-02-27 RECOMMENDATION FOR TRANSLATION OF SWEDISH GRADING SYSTEMS INTO THE ECTS GRADING SYSTEM Swedish Grading Systems ECTS Grading System Swedish three grades alphabeti c mark Swedish two grades alphabeti c mark 1 Swedish four grades alphabeti c mark Swedish numeric mark ECTS grade Percentag e of successfu l students normally achieving the grade Definition VG ”strong” G “very strong” AB ”strong” 5 A ( + ev. B) 10% EXCELLENT – outstanding performance with only minor errors VG ”normal” G ”strong” AB ”normal” 4 B 25% VERY GOOD – above the average standard but with some errors G ”strong” G ”normal” AB ”weak” ---------- Ba ”strong” 4 C 30% GOOD – generally sound work with a
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Unformatted text preview: number of notable errors G ”normal” G ”weak” Ba ”normal” -------- B ”strong” 3 (+ ev. C) D 25% SATISFACTORY – fair but with significant shortcomings G ”weak” G ”weak” B 3 E 10% SUFFICIENT – performance meets the minimum criteria U close to G U close to G U close to G U close to G FX - FAIL – some more work required before the credit can be awarded U U U U F FAIL – considerable further work is required Bo Sundqvist Rector Marita Wigren-Svensson Institutional SOCRATES Coordinator 1 ECTS grades A and B may sometimes be excluded when a Swedish two grades alphabetic marking system is used. This should be clearly indicated in the Transcript of records ....
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