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ECE474 Spring 2011 Homework 02 Due Monday, 31 January 2011 Streetman and Banerjee Problems: 1.3 1.9 VA Problem 01 = an easier version of Pr. 1.13 a) Draw a cube such as Fig. 1-7 and show four of the X {110} planes b) Find X = the total number of {110} planes in the cube
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Unformatted text preview: VA Problem 02 Find the diameter of a (9,5) carbon nanotube (CNT). VA Problem 03 Find |Ch|, |T|, the Unit cell area of a (9,5) CNT. VA Problem 04 Find the number of hexagons N, the number of carbon atoms, and the areal density for a (9,5) CNT....
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