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research proposal - and how they make their decisions...

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Nicole Tallian WRT 101 Becky Goldberg October 28, 2010 Research Proposal The question on what I think is a major issue that affects our culture is how the food prices for healthy foods are too high while the unhealthy food prices are too low. Many families run into the problem of money and when this happens they end up feeding their kids McDonalds because they cant pay for lettuce or potatoes to make a home cooked meal. This is not right because it is leading to Americans becoming obese and having health issues. The audience that I am writing towards will mostly be to the people who support a family because they run into this problem often, and then get their children thinking its okay to continue this unhealthy life style. The research that I have started is on background on the fast food corporations
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Unformatted text preview: and how they make their decisions because there is a reason why their food is very cheap. I am also doing the same for farms and how they are making their decisions and thus leading to price of their foods. I am also trying to find data that shows how American health has declined since the prices of fast food has also gone down. The articles and databases have information on why the prices are going down for fast food, to make the costumer happier. There is also the competition between other fast foods. The fast food part of my research is much easier to find versus the part about healthy foods. When typing in prices of healthy foods, nothing comes up. Thus I will have to reword what I’m looking for in my searches....
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