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12 - 12{Poinlrn 2.0 The Fairoort Machine Shop wants to...

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Unformatted text preview: 12. {Poinlrn 2.0) The Fairoort Machine Shop wants to develop a cost estimating equation for its monthl'iir coat of eleotnoit'f. It has the following da' Month Coat of Electricity: W1 Direct Labor-Houre DC: Januaryr $13,000 1,500 April $15,000 1,?00 July $1?,ooo 2,ooo rCliztolzier $14,500 1,500 What would be the heat equation ueing the high-low method? 0 1.‘r=$o+$9x O 2.~r=$4,ooo+$?x O 3.‘~r=$4,ooo+$ex CE) 4. v: $1,ooo + $5): ...
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