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13 - 13(pains 1.0 Assume that t0ta| c0sts assigned t0 the...

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Unformatted text preview: 13. (pains: 1.0) Assume that t0ta| c0sts assigned t0 the setup acti‘nrit'iir c0st p00| in March are $40,000 and 100 setups were c0mp|eted in March. Further, assume that during March machines were setup 10 times t0 make pr0duct X5. The t0ta| setup c0st that w0u|d be assigned t0 pr0duct X5 w0u|d be: 0 1. $400 G) 2. $4,000 0 3. Cann0t be determined 0 4. $40.000 ...
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