AAA.PPF.501.Tuesday.F.10.SYLLABUS - PPF501 Fall, 2010...

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PPF501 Fall, 2010 TUESDAY EVENING Professor Paul D. Berger Office: Morison 351 Cell Phone: 617-974-5888 email: I. Overall Course Objective and Description: The overall purpose of the course is to provide you with some of the important tools to support data-driven decision-making. After an introduction, the course begins with coverage of basic probability (analysis and distributions), a language to describe and quantify the systematic uncertainty (not an oxymoron) that characterizes variation in products/processes. Then we enter the world of statistics (statistical decision making) to make inference from data concerning managerial decision parameters. Finally, we study model building and the assessment of relationships among variables, for purposes of prediction and/or control. Throughout the course, we employ statistical software (the official software: Excel) to produce visual and compute numerical material to enhance the decision-making process. II. Specific Objectives, Skills, and Competencies. • The improvement of the ability to analyze systematically and
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AAA.PPF.501.Tuesday.F.10.SYLLABUS - PPF501 Fall, 2010...

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