AC611 Case Instructions Spring 2010

AC611 Case Instructions Spring 2010 - Financial Accounting...

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Financial Accounting and Reporting GUIDELINES FOR CASE STUDIES Objectives of the case assignment: The objectives for the inclusion of case studies in the intermediate accounting courses are: 1. To involve students in group research, analysis and decision-making. 2. To introduce problems that do not have definitive answers -- that is, there may be several alternatives, but no, one right answer. 3. To familiarize students with accounting pronouncements, databases, and other resource materials. Assignment: Students are to form groups of no more than three members each, analyze the case, research FASB Codification and other relevant print and web resources applicable to the case and submit a written analyses addressing requirements at the end of the case. Written analyses are limited to 10 pages, double spaced (not including exhibits, pro-forma financial statements, electronic search results, bibliography, etc.) with 1-inch margins and 12-point font. Bibliography and Exhibits (Not included in the ten page limit) must be included. Please see attached sheet titled SAMPLE BIBLIOGRAPHY to know the appropriate form for the presentation of bibliography. Grading Criteria: Analyses will be graded on the following: 1. Identification of relevant issues. 2. Identification and analysis of alternatives. Correctness of numbers derived and appropriateness of rationale provided. 3. Inclusion of specific recommendations and rationale behind them. 4. Quality and depth of research. Appropriate paraphrasing and citations are required (i.e., FASB ASC 450-10-05-55) 5. Quality of writing (grammar, spelling, punctuation, sentence structure, etc.). Cases versus homework problems: Cases are not like homework problems. There is not a right answer or a wrong answer, only well thought-out and poorly thought-out answers. Another significant difference between case and homework problems is that homework problems are usually specifically related to
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AC611 Case Instructions Spring 2010 - Financial Accounting...

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