My old iPod was a schizophrenic

My old iPod was a schizophrenic - M y iPod has a...

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Unformatted text preview: M y iPod has a multi-personality disorder, and I love it. I t has a huge ar ray of music, ranging from classical, rock, alternative pop, jazz, count ry and m usicals. I can’t say that I like all kinds of music—considering that I don’t even k now all kinds of music., but I am open to listening to any song that someone t hrows at me. I never delete my songs, as every song could come back one day a nd suit my mood. M y music is too broad to precisely describe who I am, as it cannot be pinned down to any specific characteristic. More approp riately, my m usic represents my eclectic and eccent r ic personality and way of life. I n my opinion, a good song should have the capability to create and t ransfer strong feelings and emotions to its listeners. Whether the reaction be excitement, melancholy, ecstasy or nostalgia, it is one that is able to t r igger a strong emotion. As far back as I can remember I have always loved good music a nd my iPod has always been my most faithful companion. I have a playlist for a lmost everything ranging from excitement to melancholy, wor k to play. M usic is m y way of liberating my mind and soul, my antidote to a hot and strenuous day. I h ave not only lea rnt to appreciate it but to use it effectively. T h rough the people I’ve met, I have been recommended new songs. C u r rently, my favorite band was a band I had never heard of recommended by a f riend. T here are songs that calm me down when I am annoyed. There are songs t hat move me to tears. I hope to expand my collection of songs as I enter college a nd meet new people who have thei r own collection. ...
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