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01-Developing_your_own_USP - Developing your unique service...

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Developing your unique service proposition A unique service proposition (USP) is a simple, concise statement of how you differ from your peers in the industry and what this means to your clients. In the competitive world of real estate, it’s important that you have a USP that cuts through the clutter and positions you as the REALTOR® of choice in your market. To identify and define your USP, look first at yourself. What do you do that distinguishes you from competitors? Do you have a special niche, a special ability, a special way of delivering service? Hone in on what is unusual or significant about you. Are people drawn to your personality, reputation, location or broker affiliation? What makes you more valuable and/or more visible in the market than other agents and what does this mean for clients? Next, analyze your target audience. Consider their demographics, purchasing habits and what drives them to select a particular agent to deal with. What do they seek from you? What benefits do they gain from having you as their REALTOR®?
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