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CEE_597_Midterm_2002 - CEE 597 R isk Analysis amd...

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CEE 597 - Risk Analysis amd Marragelarent Midterm 2002 Tesf is ope11 boolc A I I ~ open nofes. YOU have 50 nrinrsfes to complete tlris 50 poilit exam. Show work. 1. (12 points) Terrorism is the tragic issue this year. Protecting individuals in our society from such acts of violence is a concern, and priorities need lo be set. USE 3 different qare~alitalive criteria to compare briefly the risk to the healthp security, and productivity of individuals in our society of (1) a bomber who would blow himself or herself up in a crowded public place. (2) an individual who might release a highly contagious disease organism in a subway system thereby infecting thousands of unsuspecting people with a life-threatening disease; symptoms would take several days to develop and other people could become infected. (3) an individual who would destroy an electrical substation that was the source of power for a comn~unily of 80,000; it would take many hours to days to restore power. 2. (4 points) What natural hazard kills the greatest number of individuals in the United States each year? (justily briefly) What natural hazard has the potential to cause the greatest social disaster in a single event in the United States? (please justify your answer.) 3. (14 points) Consider the system described by the network below: a) What are all the minimal cut sets? b) If all elements are 90% reliable, what approximately is the reliability of the system? c) Tf you could upgrade one component to 99% reliabiliw which would you choose to maximize the reliability of the whole system ? d) Can this system be represented by a fault tree? TI not, what one csmpnent could you delete so that the modified systems can be represented by a fault tree? e) Draw the fault tree for the system below:
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4. (10 points) Since September llth, domestic security agencies have been on increased alert. One regional office receives 15 calls per working day. Each call is classified as an emergency (5% of calls), urgent (15% of calls), or routine (80% of calls), After investigation, the events are eventually resolved as: (i) a hoax, (ii) a mistake, (iii) a common problem, or (iv) dangerous.
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