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CEE 597 - Risk Analysis and Management Midterm Exam March 6,2003 (revised) Test is open book and open notes. You have 50 minutes to complete this 50 point exam. Show work. 1. (10 points) Excessive drinking is a problem on campus. Propose 3 specific and different quantitative criteria (that capture different aspects of the problem, including both personal & campus perspectives) that campus officials can use to describe health and safety risks associated with undergraduate drinking. Indicate what each criteria emphasizes and what it neglects. Which describe the dimension of the problem for campus administrators, and which are particularly relevant to an individual? 2. (4 points) In what ways is threat assessment (addressing attacks by terrorists) like natural hazard risk analysis, and in what significant ways are they different? It may be useful to provide examples. 3. (6 points) Unfortunately 2 fires in night clubs this winter resulted in significant loss of life. If fires causing the death of 10 or more people in a single event occur on average 6 times every decade, what is the mean and standard deviation of the number of fires (killing 10 or more) in a single year? What is the probability of two (or more) of such events in a 3 month period? a) What are all the minimal cut sets? 4. (14 points) Consider the system described by the network below: b) If all elements are 99% reliable, what approximately is the reliability of the system? I C) If you are out of money and you want to use some 95% reliable components, which components could be replaced with the 95%-reliable version without compromising overall system reliability? G d) Can this system be represented by a fault tree? If not, what component could you delete 1 so that the modified systems can be represented by a fault tree?
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CEE_597_Midterm_2003 - CEE 597 - Risk Analysis and...

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