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SURNAME FREQUENCY COUNTING INTRODUCTION The Indian Statistical Institute is trying to discover which Indian surnames occur most frequently in the state of Tamilnadu. In order to obtain this information they have persuaded the government to make available to them some of the information from the most recent census. Unfortunately, since there is no fee involved, the government can only make available a standard file covering the entire 29 states. CENSUS POPULATION FILE The Census Population File provided by the government has a special format of unsorted records. Each record contains a census number, a surname and a state name. The fields are separated from one another by various delimiters. FIELD NAME SIZE Census number 7 digits Surname 20 characters State name 9 characters PROCESSING You will need to sort the file on ascending Surname within ascending State name. Use an Input Procedure to unpack the records. Use a table to find the top ten surnames in each state.
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