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AROMAMORA CUSTOMER AND INVOICE Introduction: A program is required that will examine the Aromamora Customer and Invoice files and from them produce a report showing the unpaid customer invoices. The COBOL Report-Writer must be used to create the report. D ATA FILES: CUSTOMER FILE The Customer File holds details of all Aromamora customers. It is an indexed file with the following record description. F IELD KEY TYPE TYP E LENGT H VALUE Customer- Number Primary 9 6 - Customer- Name ALT with Duplicates X 25 Upper-Case Customer- Address -- X 40 - Country ALT with Duplicates X 15 Upper-Case Customer- Balance -- 9 7 -99999.99 - 0.0 Date-Of- Last-Order -- 9 8 YYYYMM DD The Country field is used in some reports to group customers by location. The Customer-Balance field holds the amount owed by the customer to Aromamora. Since payments are only accepted when they apply to a specific sale this balance should never be greater than 0. The Date-Of-Last-Order field is used to identify inactive customers.
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