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$ SET SOURCEFORMAT"FREE" IDENTIFICATION DIVISION. PROGRAM-ID. PerformFormat3. AUTHOR. Michael Coughlan. * Demonstrates the use of the PERFORM. .UNTIL. * The PERFORM. .UNTIL is most often used to process a * stream of data where the length of the stream can not * be determined in advance. * Pay particular attention to the way the number stream is * processed in this program. * Note how the ON SIZE ERROR can be used to detect when the * result of a computation is tot big for the data-item intended * to hold it. * The INITIALIZE verb sets a data-item to its initial or * starting value. * DATA DIVISION. WORKING-STORAGE SECTION. 01 IterCount PIC 99 VALUE ZEROS. 88 MaxCountReached VALUE 99. 01 UserInput PIC 99 VALUE ZEROS. 88 EndOfUserInput VALUE ZEROS. 01 RunningTotal PIC 999 VALUE ZEROS. 01 AverageValue PIC 99 VALUES ZEROS. 0 PROCEDURE DIVISION. Begin. PERFORM UNTIL IterCount = 5 DISPLAY "IterCount = " IterCount
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Unformatted text preview: ADD 1 TO IterCount END-PERFORM DISPLAY "Finished in line Perform." INITIALIZE Itercount DISPLAY "Enter a stream of up to 99 numbers." DISPLAY "Each number must be in the range 1-99. Enter 0 to stop." DISPLAY "Enter number :- " WITH NO ADVANCING ACCEPT UserInput PERFORM GetUserInput UNTIL EndOfUserInput OR MaxCountReached DISPLAY "The final total is - " RunningTotal DISPLAY "The final count is - " IterCount COMPUTE AverageValue = RunningTotal / IterCount DISPLAY "The average value entered is - " AverageValue STOP RUN. GetUserInput. ADD UserInput TO RunningTotal ON SIZE ERROR DISPLAY "Error - new total too large for data-item." NOT ON SIZE ERROR ADD 1 TO IterCount END-ADD END-ADD DISPLAY "Total so far is - " RunningTotal DISPLAY "Count so far is - " IterCount DISPLAY "Enter number :- " WITH NO ADVANCING ACCEPT UserInput....
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