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$ SET SOURCEFORMAT"FREE" IDENTIFICATION DIVISION. PROGRAM-ID. PerformFormat1. AUTHOR. Michael Coughlan. * Illustrates how the first format of the PERFORM may * be used to change the flow of control through a program. * Use the output of this program to get an understanding of how * this format of the PERFORM works. * PROCEDURE DIVISION. TopLevel. DISPLAY "In TopLevel. Starting to run program"
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Unformatted text preview: PERFORM OneLevelDown DISPLAY "Back in TopLevel.". STOP RUN. TwoLevelsDown. DISPLAY ">>>>>>>> Now in TwoLevelsDown." PERFORM ThreeLevelsDown. DISPLAY ">>>>>>>> Back in TwoLevelsDown.". OneLevelDown. DISPLAY ">>>> Now in OneLevelDown" PERFORM TwoLevelsDown DISPLAY ">>>> Back in OneLevelDown". ThreeLevelsDown. DISPLAY ">>>>>>>>>>>> Now in ThreeLevelsDown"....
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