Newtronics-Data-Validation - NEWTRONICS DATA VALIDATION...

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NEWTRONICS DATA VALIDATION PROJECT Introduction : Newtronics Plc. is a company which sells electronic parts (diodes, transistors, IC's, LED's thermostats etc.) and goods. Currently, the company is being computerized and you have been retained to write one of the programs required. Information about the parts and goods held in stock by the company is contained in two files; the Stock Master File and the Supplier Master File. Adjustments to stock, such as selling an item or receiving new supplies into stock are made on-line by an update program written by others. File maintenance (Insertion, Deletion and Adjusting of records) to the master files will be achieved by applying a file of transaction records to them at the end of each day. Your task is to write the program which will take the Transaction file and apply it to the master files. THE TRANSACTION FILE The Transaction File is a unsorted, invalidated file containing a number of different types of transaction record. Each transaction record type is identified by a transaction type code in the first character position. The following transaction types have been identified:- TRANS TYPE DESCRIPTION 1 Delete Stock Record 2 Insert Stock Record 3 Adjust Reorder Level 4 Adjust Reorder Qty 5 Adjust Price 6 Delete Supplier Record 7 Insert Supplier Record Transaction Record Descriptions Descriptions of the different types of transaction record
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Newtronics-Data-Validation - NEWTRONICS DATA VALIDATION...

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