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Zoom-Taxi_service - ZOOM TAXI SERVICE Visitors to the CSIS...

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ZOOM TAXI SERVICE Visitors to the CSIS website are asked to fill in an evaluation form. The form requests the name of the visitor, his/her country of origin, his/her occupation, an evaluation of the web site, and an optional comment. These fields are stored as a fixed length record in an Evaluation Form file. A program is required which will produce a report from the Evaluation Form file. For each country from which the site has been visited the report should show- o The name of the country o The number of visitors from this country o Most common occupation of visitors from this country o The average evaluation of the web site by visitors from this country. EVALUATION FORM FILE The Evaluation Form File is an unordered sequential file, with the following record description: FIELDNAME TYPE LENGT H VALUE VisitorName X 20 - VisitorCountryName X 20 - VisitorOccupation X 2 - SiteEvaluation 9 1 1-5 VisitorComment X 35 - FILE CONVERSIONS: VISITOR OCCUPATION On each country line, the name of the most common
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