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Current accounts synopsis - reference 7 Issuance of...

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Creation and maintenance of Current accounts in banks: Synopsis: 1. Opening of the account with a customer code with application form and other relevant data in the system. 2. Operational instructions in the account. 3. Authorisation for opening the account. Scanning and linking of specimen signature to the account. 4. Maintenance of ledger for the account opened with daily transactions in the account. 5. Linking of the daily transactions in the current accounts to the sub day book and the day book for the daily run and taking it to the general ledger balances. 6. Issuance of Cheque books and maintenance of relevant records for cross
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Unformatted text preview: reference. 7. Issuance of statement of accounts at periodical intervals. 8. Noting of standing instructions in the accounts and execution of the instructions on the due dates. 9. Maintenance of minimum balance in the accounts and levying charges for non maintenance of minimum balances. 10. Noting stop payment instructions and execution of the same. 11. Taking monthly jottings and balancing of the book with the general ledger. 12. Issuance of ATM cards to account holders and linking of the account to the net work for carrying out ATM operations. 13. Closure of the accounts....
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