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Banking Modules - 9 Clearing of local cheques Outward and...

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PROJECT TITLES Banking Modules 1. Creation and maintenance of current accounts in the Banks. 2. Creation and maintenance of savings accounts in the Banks. 3. Creation and maintenance of Fixed deposit accounts. 4. Creation and maintenance of Cumulative time deposit accounts. 5. Creation and maintenance of Recurring deposit accounts. 6. Automatic Teller Machines transactions. 7. Issuance and payment of demand drafts and pay orders. 8. Outstation cheques and bills for collection – Inward and outward.
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Unformatted text preview: 9. Clearing of local cheques - Outward and Inward. 10. Creation and maintenance of loan accounts in the Banks. 11. Creation and maintenance of overdraft and cash credit accounts. 12. Bills and cheques purchased by the Banks. 13. Inward Bills for collection 14. Credit card systems 15. Bank guarantees and letters of credit 16. Foreign exchange transactions...
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