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STUDY GUIDE – FINANCIAL ACCOUNTING FINAL EXAM I. Date/time II. Bring to class a. Calculator & Pencil b. “Cheat sheets” i. Full sheet (8.5x11) with notes on 1 side only ii. Can also copy the ratio formulas on page 557 in text III. 50 multiple choice questions @ 2 points each for 100 points. IV. Study guide by chapter a. Chapter 8; Accounting for Long-Term Assets, 9 questions: i. 6 theory questions; 2 general questions about plant assets, 1 depreciation methods, 1 depreciation terms, 1 depletion, 1 types of intangibles. ii. 3 computation questions; group purchase allocation, 1 each on depreciation calculation under double-declining balance and units-of-production. b. Chapter 9; Accounting for Current Liabilities, 6 questions: i. 3 theory questions; all general questions about current liabilities. ii. 3 computation questions, 1 each; accrual of interest at year-end, vacation benefit expense, warranty expense. c. Chapter 10; Accounting for Long-Term Liabilities, 9 questions: i.
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