Rawls - Other issues about Rawls: - No writers so far have...

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Other issues about Rawls: - No writers so far have defended that justice requires that people get what they deserve. - It is unclear why society has a responsibility to maximize the welfare of the least advantaged rather they just granting them a decent minimum. - Rawls was reluctant to push his argument towards a global difference principle in line with international justice. Richard Tawney- neglected socialist - Offers a clear statement of what is referred to as communitarian critique of modern market societies. Rare example of a person whose Christian beliefs lead him to advocate for democratic socialism (not conservative forms) - He was writing in a similar capitalist (and economic inequality) time as we are today. Furthermore, he writes from a distinctive historical perspective with his position being inseparable from how problems came about. Tawney feels that the problems of modern societies are not inherently material, but rather mental or spiritual. They have to do with the transformation in human self-understanding which accompanies material changes. He mentions several factors that encourage these false beliefs: (1) Increase skepticism about Christianity- God is becoming an increasingly remote figure for particular individuals. (2) Modern intellectual rebellion against the idea that the universe has a purpose- Newton defines it just as matter in motion according to fixed laws and Darwin says it is a purposeless struggle for existence. (3) Increasing complexity and technological sophistication of modern economic life makes the process more divided through division of labor which makes it easier to lose a sense of how individual contributions make a difference to the whole. (4) The most important flaw afflicting modernity is its tendency to fixate rights. He does acknowledge that the concept of rights has been a valuable political function in mobilizing resistance against oppressive state power (English, American, and French revolutions). However, he thinks that the idea of rights against the state
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Rawls - Other issues about Rawls: - No writers so far have...

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